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September 2, 2019

What are collectible digital assets? They are frekkin cool stuff that was made popular with things like CryptoKitties. What’s different about CryptoCars? CryptoCars are made with Opensea protocol, are hand made individual pieces of artwork and are available on the largest and most universal network on the blockchain! This is a new technological landscape that is exciting and fun new technology. At this writing there are only 60 cars available. Because these are hand made art creations! By starting to collect crypto-cars, you will have the first hand opportunity to invest in an asset creation on the blockchain, and at the same time have a load of fun! Asset creations on the blockchain have exploded, with assets exploding to several hundred of thousands dollars worth traded per week. Think about trading baseball cards as a kid, but now on a much larger scale that is the blockchain.

Funds from the initial set of cars plan to be used to create a blockchain game, with digital assets from the game. This is in the pipeline, but right now the blockchain assets exist as a pure art creation. And this is completely fine within itself! As these are valuable assets on the blockchain! As the more people collect these digital assets, the more valuable they will become, and as time goes on the collection will grow. But right now, these are truly rare assets, and collecting them now will be an investment that will grow over time.

Key points:

These assets will be extremely rare, and will be limited initially to only 1,000 planned creations for V1.

These cars can be traded and sold digitally, and they can never be lost in the blockchain.

Ethereum tech is COOL, this is brand new technology in development, but will define the future of collectibles and games.

Opensea is the largest network of tradeables.

Check our crypto car collection out and start collecting! More information at

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